Become Major Tom with the sleeping mask Cosmo in dark blue with white "stars" and discover the galaxy completely uncoupled and agravic while sleeping heavenly. When you are coming back slowly to Planet Earth after some hours, you will not only bring intentions of an uncoupled and agravic sleep, you will also be well-rested and full of new energy. 

Color inside: black

weight: only 0,30 oz
13.50 $
13.50 $
With the sleeping mask LUIS in a royal color you will sleep like a king and dream stately maybe like the French Sun King Louis XIV., whose name is not so far away fro the name of this sleeping mask. With this sleeping mask you will not become the king of France living in a magnificent castle in Versailles, butr you an dream about.

color: inside black

weight: 0,32 oz
13.50 $
13.50 $
 Mysterious appearance!
Also if the sleeping mask XENA impresses with snake pattern. With this mask you will sleep much deeper then snake, which notices each move and each noise in a moment. Each snake would be thankful for some calm hours with this sleeping mask. 
Unfortunately the snake is just the one to suffer with its pattern.

Color; inside black

weight: 0,29 oz
13.50 $
13.50 $
13.50 $
Flora II
13.50 $
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